Dr. Monti Datta – Faculty Author Interview

9781107032323Dr. Monti Datta, Assistant Professor of Political Science, discusses his forthcoming new book, Anti-Americanism and the Rise of World Opinion.  Drawing from a wealth of research data, interviews and surveys of social media, this book directly examines pro- and anti-American views and asks what we can learn about the nature and impact of world opinion. By treating anti-Americanism as a case study of public opinion at work, Professor Datta reveals how we can better understand the relationship between global citizens and their political leaders, and concludes that anti-Americanism does in fact substantially impact US security, as well as its economic and political interests.

Dr. Della Dumbaugh – Faculty Author Interview

Dr. Della Dumbaugh, Professor Of Mathematics, discusses her recent article, “Creating a Life: Emil Artin in America” in The Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. This article focuses on Emil Artin, an Austrian born mathematician who spent his career in Germany and America, and his forced emigration to America. The article also provides an overview of his work in the United States.