Dr. Bert Ashe – Faculty Author Interview

asheDr. Bert Ashe, Associate Professor of English, is the author of a new book, Twisted: My Dreadlock Chronicles, published recently by Agate Press. Twisted explores issues of black male identity, black vernacular culture, and black hair by narrating the journey of locking his hair while also exploring the history and cultural resonances of the dreadlock hairstyle in America.

Dr. Melissa Ooten – Faculty Author Interview

ooten2Dr. Melissa Ooten, Associate Director for the WILL Program, is the author of a new book, Race, Gender, and Film Censorship in Virginia, 1922-1965, published recently by Lexington Books. This book chronicles the history of movie censorship in Virginia from the 1920s to 1960s and analyzes the project of state film censorship in Virginia.